The cherry

The cherry

Vignola - MO


Name of the typical product

Typical production zone
Vignola and the surrounding hills.

Variety of cherries and production
Durone Bigarreau, "mora di Vignola", the classical black "durone" called "Nero I", "Anella", "Nero II", "Ciliegione".
The cherry production begins generally in the 2nd half of May with the "durone bigarreau" and goes on with "mora di Vignola". The other varieties of cherries mature during the 1st half of June.

A brief history on the origins of the product
The cherry tree (Prunus avium) was known in Egypt since VII Century b.C. and then in Greece since III Century b.C. The most varieties of cherry trees grew in China, Japan, North America. The presence of cherry trees in Italy is first testified by Varrone during the II Century b.C. and by Plinio the Old that described ten cherry trees varieties in its "Naturalis Historia".

Every year, in March and April, Vignola celebrates the blooming period with happenings and parades along the town streets. Some weeks after, in June, takes place another important event dedicated to the cherry.