Tourist services

Gaiam - Association of authorized escorts, tour guides and interpreters for Modena

legal headquarters: Via Morane, 165/1 - operating headquarters: c/o Barbara Bisi - Via Morane, 165/1 - Modena - MO - 41100

Phone: +39 059/302563 - +39 349/1931875

Fax: +39 059/302563


G.A.I.A.M. The Association of authorized escorts, tour guides and interpreters for Modena and the Province was founded in 1986.
The members of the association are licensed to practice their respective professions after having passed a special examination and having obtained the correspondent licence issued by their town, in compliance with national and European laws.
The purpose and aim of the association are to protect and represent the professional figures before those requiring their services, cooperate in increasing the flow of tourists to Modena and its province, coordinate services provided by the associates. Particular emphasis is placed on organization and promotion through special initiatives on pertinent activities.
Besides performing its own services, in cooperation with numerous schools, travel agencies and tour operators, GAIAM also promotes initiatives and cultural events aimed at providing opportunities for those who wish to delve into further depth and require greater knowledge on local history and culture.
G.A.I.A.M. offers:

  • guided tours and excursions throughout the Province and Apennine Mountains
  • Guides and Interpreters
  • transfer services
  • preparation of topic-related itineraries
  • didactic material
  • tourist information and consultation
  • research and upgrading of the territory and its products
Last update: 09/04/2020