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Modena province is the richest Italian area as products with designation of origin PDO and PGI. Among them there are best-selling of tipycal Italian food and known on the national and international market: the balsamic vinegar of Modena, Lambrusco and Parmesan cheese , but also the "cotechino" and "zampone" as well as the ham of Modena, which, together with the other products, make up a fascinating menu.

Piacere Modena is the name chosen for the project of development of the area, of its tradition, of its history, which will be carried by the great value food products that have PDO and PGI .

Piacere Modena is the brand of the company Palatipico Ltd in which we find all the associations for the protection of provincial PDO and PGI and the Consortium Modena a Tavola, Modenatur and Artest. The project Piacere Modena is born with the decisive support of the Foundation Agroalimentare Modenese that promotes the development of the agro-industrial sector thanks to the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Modena and Consortia of Protection of PDO and PGI. The task of the company is to promote the area on the national and international markets, increase awareness of our products while guaranteeing them in terms of quality. The Consortia are constantly evaluating the quality of products  of members for the protection of the producers themselves and the  consumers.

Piacere Modena is synonymous with excellence PDO and PGI: the objective is to consolidate the trend of growth of the agricultural sector, closely linked to processing firms in our region, to create economic growth and employment as well as qualify and promote the hospitality and tourist incoming in synergy with the existing structures.

Last update: 09/04/2020