Third Floor. Estense Gallery

As you climb further, a last special visit awaits you on the fourth floor: the Estense Gallery, one of the oldest and most important galleries in Italy. The impressive works on display there include a Pietà by Cima da Conegliano, a Madonna and Child by Correggio, a Portrait of Francesco I d’Este by Velázquez, a Triptych by El Greco, a marble bust of Francesco I d’Este by Bernini, and a crucifix by Guido Reni.

Before you leave, check to see which temporary exhibitions are being hosted at the Palazzo. You’ll likely find some interesting displays or other projects that are too good to miss.

The excursion to the Palazzo dei Musei ends here: a day immersed in the beauty of an artistic and cultural heritage that deserves no less than an in-depth visit. If the visual arts are your passion, get in touch with us about other excursions in the city. We’ll be glad to share advice and tips.