A paradise of food and wine

A paradise of food and wine

"As a kid I used to come back from school with a crazy hunger, which is why my mother's tagliatelle were the best in the world. I was hungry and that food did not touch my palate or my brain, but the soul, my emotional side." Massimo Bottura

Take a trip through genuine food and wine traditions

Modena and its surrounding countryside are known and envied the world over for the outstanding food and wine they produce. In fact, among Italian provinces, Modena is one of the richest in products guaranteed by the “protected designation of origin” or “protected geographical origin” symbol. Modena is the ideal destination for food lovers.

Come discover the best of Modena’s local products and culinary traditions.

Modena’s local products
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The historic Albinelli Market
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Museo del Balsamico Tradizionale
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What to do and see

Visit a cheese factory to discover the way Parmigiano-Reggiano is actually made. Learn how to recognize balsamic vinegar prepared as tradition demands or let yourself be intrigued by a tasting of local wines. Sign up for a cooking course and see whether you have the skill to “knot” the tortellini the way tradition demands!