A palette full of Modena!

A palette full of Modena!

A palette full of Modena

Join us in discovering Modena and its surprising territory. "A palette full of Modena" is a video series consisting of 8 episodes, each lasting 7 minutes, exploring the area around Modena. This emotional journey is dedicated to those who work in the tourism sector in Modena and Emilia Romagna, to tour operators and travel agencies, and to anyone who wants to learn about the history, culture, and tourist offerings that make Modena a unique territory in the world.

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The project is promoted by:

Modena City Council - City Promotion and Tourism Service; technical partner Modenatur; produced by Intersection.

We would like to thank all the entities, public and private places that collaborated in the realization of the project, and in particular the network of IAT (Tourist Information and Assistance) offices in the province of Modena.a