Itineraries and routes

Itineraries and routes

Nearly unlimited ways to guarantee yourself an unforgettable experience.

We’ve focused on art, culture, high-performance automobiles, and fine food and wine—among many other areas of interest—to suggest itineraries and activities that are meant to serve as a starting place for your voyage of discovery in Modena and beyond. Find what inspires you most.

1 day

Modena in pictures
The Ten Most Beautiful Views in the City
Discover Modena’s Old Town
The UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Heart of the City
The Ferrari Museums
in Modena and Maranello
Archaeologist for a day
An Outing for the Whole Family
A Visit to Modena’s Palazzo dei Musei
for a day of art and culture
A walk trough Modena's most beautiful piazzas
in the heart of the historical center
Giuseppe Graziosi' s fountains
An excursion for visitors enchanted by sculpture.
Monuments to Deliciousness
in Modena Province
Modern Architecture in Modena
Buildings and Art Installations You Won’t Want to Miss
Modena with Small Children (from 1 to 4)
Six Open-Air Attractions They’ll Actually Enjoy Visiting
A Day in Modena with the Family
A whole day in Modena full of family opportunities

2 or more days