School excursions

School excursions

Arrange a trip to Modena for your school

Bringing your students to Modena? Here are all kinds of ideas for organizing your excursion.

Modena is ideal for school-related activities. Discover the adventures, sites, events, and tours that await you here. Modena and the surrounding area offer nearly limitless possibilities for instructional visits and courses that compliment classroom work and, at the same time, offer students opportunities for recreation and socialization and the chance to gain an awareness of what it means to be a well-behaved traveler. Our ethical and high-quality school tourism combines instruction with recreation and entertainment. Our organized visits can be integrated with instructional workshops and recreational activities led by local craftspeople, business owners, and the staffs of teaching farms in the Province of Modena. Discover all that Modena has to offer students!

Consult our suggestions for what to do and see and find the ideas that fit your group best.

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