Nature, sport and well-being

Nature, sport and well-being

Surround yourself with unspoiled nature, entertaining recreational activities, and ample opportunities for fun and relaxation.

From the plains to the mountains, and throughout every season of the year, the Modena area offers nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and relaxation seekers thrilling adventures and uncommon opportunities for rest and relaxation. Explore nature trails on foot or by bike and visit parks and animal preserves to surround yourself with the most untrammeled natural beauty. Finish off the day with moments of pure relaxation at the captivating Salvarola Hot Springs, prized by the ancient Romans for their healing properties. Days filled with new discoveries, plenty of fun, and much-needed rest are waiting for you here.

The Wonders

Discover the modenese Apennine
The Apennine in every season
Relax in Salvarola Terme
Discover Salvarola Terme
Nirano Salse nature reserve
Discover Nirano Salse
Parks and Nature Reserves
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Religious Pilgrimage Routes in the Modena Area


Recommended itineraries

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