Cycling tourism

Cycling tourism

Modena is full of opportunities for those who want to experience the area by bike.

Its physical diversity, with plains, hills and mountains, makes it suitable for the abilities and characteristics of all cyclists, from those who wish to pedal with ease through the flat countryside, to those who prefer to test themselves in more challenging routes on mountain bike up and down the slopes and crests of the Apennines, and all the possibilities inbetween.

Modena also has some special features that make it one of the most interesting provinces for cycle touring. Protected cycle paths have in fact been created along some stretches of the former railway, like the Modena–Vignola line and the Modena–Mirandola–Finale Emilia line, for a total of 60 kilometres. Cycle and walk paths have also been created along the main waterways (Panaro, Secchia and Tiepido), for a total of 120 kilometres.

These routes, almost all complete with signage, together with minor roads and other cycle lanes, mean countless circuit itineraries of different lengths can be enjoyed, to the most interesting places, far way from heavy traffic.

Standing out among these are Romanesque Modena by bike circuits between the city (with the UNESCO world heritage site that includes the Cathedral, Ghirlandina Belltower and Piazza Grande) and Carpi; Riverside Cycling, with routes along the banks of the Secchia and Panaro, between Modena and the south of the province, and the circuit, which on the cycle lane on the former Modena–Vignola railway line links Via Emilia to the hills of Modena through the lands of balsamic vinegar, as far as the cherry valley and the hills of Grasparossa vines

Cycling tourism

The province of Modena is also located along long-distance itineraries including the EuroVelo 7 (Sun Route), the European route that goes from the North Pole to Malta, through Europe and Italy, from north to south. Modena is part of the Verona–Florence stretch of this route, which offers a variety of terrain and a unique wealth of landscape and places: from a geographical and scenic viewpoint (Prealps, Lake Garda, Morainic hills, the Adige, Mincio, Po, Secchia, Panaro and Arno rivers, Po valley, Apennine hills and mountains), from a cultural point of view with art cities and UNESCO world heritage sites (Verona, Mantua, Modena and Florence) not forgetting that it allows you to discover the food and wines of the four regions: Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

Bike rental in Modena

"C'entro in bici" - free bike rental service

C'entro in Bici is a free bike rental service offered by the Municipality of Modena. Tourists (> 18 years old) may register at the tourist office in Piazza Grande 14 and use this service for a maximum of 3 days. A deposit of € 20 per person and an ID/Passport is required. Registration entitles you to receive a numbered key that allows you to pick up the bicycle from one of the racks located in various points of the city. Bicycles can only be used from 7:00 to 24:00 within the area of Modena and must be stored by 24.00 in the same rack where they were picked up.

Private bike rentals

Cicli Center Via Emilia Ovest n°174, Modena;
eGO eBIKE di Fabio Zara in Nonantola: Via Torre 15/1; It's possible to request the bikes for Modena (just upon previous request by email) (+39) 348.3961274