Getting around Modena

Getting around Modena

On Foot

Modena’s historical center is the perfect size to be visited on foot. A convenient infographic—the “Metrominuto” map—shows walking times and distances between the main points of interest.

By Car

  • Parking in Modena
  • Information regarding traffic-limited zones within Modena.
  • For information on car rentals (with or without a driver), call us at (+39) 059-203-2660 or email

By Bus

Public Transportation

Information about the network of bus lines in the City of Modena and the surrounding Province can be found on the site of the SETA bus lines (

Route finder:

Modena is also connected by bus to the most relevant towns and villages of the surrounding area (Carpi, Sassuolo, Fiorano, Campogalliano, Correggio, Soliera, Vignola, Pavullo, Nonantola, Maranello, and others).

SETA on WhatsApp: Message (+39) 334-219-4058 for personalized information on bus lines, schedules, fares, etc. Service on the app is available Monday to Saturday from 7:00am to 7:00pm. There is no WhatsApp service on Sundays or holidays.

The Roger app allows users to buy tickets and consult travel information in the Emilia-Romagna Region. Once you’ve activated Roger on your device, you can use a credit card to buy tickets for all the Region’s busses and trains. Roger’s travel planner will also suggest the best route to your destination, including schedules and information about the nearest bus stops. Visit the Roger site ( or your device’s app store to download Roger.

You can buy the bus ticket also on the bus with a contactles credit card.

The service is active on vehicles dedicated to urban services in Modena, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Carpi and Sassuolo and it is possible to travel within the hourly validity of the ticket (75 minutes).

It is possible to access the service and purchase your urban ticket, without surcharge, directly on board the bus, with a contactless payment card.

It is sufficient to bring your contactless payment card to the green validator located near the front entrance of the bus to purchase your urban ticket valid for 75 minutes.

The rates applied for the tickets are:

Urban Modena or Reggio Emilia or Piacenza € 1.50

Urbano Carpi or Urbano Sassuolo € 1,20

Daily rates:

If several trips are made during the day, outside the ticket validity time limits, from the fourth trip onwards, the system, instead of applying the total of 4 single trips or more, automatically triggers the following daily rate:

Urban Modena or Reggio Emilia or Piacenza € 4.50

Urbano Carpi or Urbano Sassuolo € 3.60

The green light, its beep and the "Ticket valid" message will certify the transaction and the traveler will be able to use the service correctly.

The red light and the Error message highlight the failure to purchase and the traveler must acquire a regular title using other tools.

Each time the bus is changed, the validation operation will have to be repeated. The ticket price will not be reduced again within the time period (75 minutes) and geographic (urban area of ​​Modena, Reggio Emilia or Piacenza and urban service of Carpi or Sassuolo).

At the moment it is not possible to purchase multiple tickets at the same time with the same payment card.

In case of on-board verification, it will be sufficient to communicate the last 4 digits of your card to the staff: the operation takes place in full banking confidentiality. Under no circumstances should the card be handed over to staff.

By Bike

The “C’Entro in Bici” Bike-Share Service

“C’Entro in Bici” is a free bike-share service operated by the City of Modena and allows the use of a bicycle for a maximum of three consecutive days. To use a ride-share bike, fill out a registration form at the Tourist Information Office at No. 14 Piazza Grande, pay a €20 deposit, and provide a license, passport, or other identity document. You’ll receive a numbered key that allows you to pick up your bicycle at any of the bike racks located in various places around the city. Bicycles may be used only between the hours of 7:00am and midnight and must be returned by midnight to the same place where they were picked up.

Bicycle rental in Modena

  • Cicli Center Via Emilia Ovest n ° 174, Modena;
  • E-bike Travel Viale Amendola, 548 - 41125 Modena
  • eGO eBIKE by Fabio Zara at Ostello S. Filippo Neri Via Sant'Orsola 52 Modena or in Nonantola: Via Torre 15/1;

By Taxi

Two radio taxi services are available 24/7

Taxi Consortia of Modena

  • CO.TA.MO - Radio Taxi tel. +39 059/374242, +39 335 1838555 (to book by SMS), ✉

Special Taxi fares for tourists routes departing from Modena

  • Ferrari Museum Maranello: one way + 1 hour stop + 60.00 euro return
  • Autodromo di Modena (Marzaglia): maximum return ticket 25.00 euros
  • Lamborghini Museum (Sant'Agata Bolognese): one way + 1 hour stop + return 70.00 euros
  • Ducati Museum (Borgo Panigale): one way + 1 hour stop + return: 100.00 euros
  • Ducati Museum (Borgo Panigale): maximum one-way fare: 70.00 euros
  • Pagani Museum (San Cesario S / P :) one way + 1 hour stop + return: 50.00 euros
  • Palazzo Ducale (Sassuolo): one way + 1 hour stop + return: 70.00 euros
  • Casa Pavarotti Museum: round trip + 1 hour stop + return: 40.00 euros
  • Traditional Balsamic Museum (Spilamberto): one way + 1 hour stop + return: 50 eu

By train

Direct train service conveniently connects Modena with a wide variety of tourist sites.

The high-speed Italo train ( provides connections from Reggio-Emilia to Modena via the Italobus service, which is included in the price of Italo train tickets.