Parking in Modena is in part free (identified by a white line) and in part with fee (blue line); the amount of the fee depends on the city area. Payments can be made with coins by nearby park meters or by parking Apps.

Remember that if you don't have an authorization (by booking in a hotel in the historic center or other type of permit) you will not be able to enter and park in the historic center as it is a ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) area monitored by cameras at every city center gate. For more information on the ZTL click here.

Paid parking

Parcheggio del centro

The "Parcheggio del centro" is an underground car park under the Novi Sad Park in Modena and is located near the historic center of the city. The car park is accessible by car from two ramps, the first located in via Achille Fontanelli 18 (at the traffic light intersection with Corso Cavour) and the second in viale Monte Kosica.

ex AMCM - Parco della Creatività - via Peretti

Basement parking with 248 car spaces.
Free parking is allowed at night, during lunch breaks, and on holidays; on other days, it is subject to payment through the parking meter. A surveillance service is active at night, and security cameras will be installed. Payment is required even if the parking spaces are marked by white lines (as with all facilities using a barrier opening and closing system). The minimum parking duration is 60 minutes.

Parking lots around the old city center of Modena

All around the historic center, with different fees based on the distance from the center, there are paid parking lots (they are delimited by blu lines)

When paying you'll need to enter the vehicle license plate in the parking machine. It's is also possible to pay with the following Apps: My Cicero, Telepass or Easy park.

Free parking

There's a large car parks near the historic center: Piazzale Tien An Men, where you can leave your car and use public transport.

In the city you will also find other areas with free parking and well served by public transport to reach the center:

  • Ferrari Park - Via Emilia Ovest
  • Via Gottardi
  • Polo Leonardo
  • Via Leonardo da Vinci North gate of the train station
  • Via Manfredo Fanti Piazzale Manzoni

Local public transport can be used from the parking lots

Map of exchanger parking lots (free) and downtown parking (for a fee - the red ones)

Tour operators who organize bus trips can write to for targeted information on loading and unloading points for passengers and bus parking.