LTA - Limited traffic area

LTA - Limited traffic area

The historic centre of Modena is a restricted area (ZTL), meaning only residents, commercial operators, or tourists staying at hotels in the centre and with a special permit can go there. Access is well monitored by an automated system which allows local police to register, through a network of always on cameras placed at access points, the number plates of passing cars. Unauthorized entry into this area carries getting a fine.

Several towns in Italy have this kind of restriction. Please note that if you're travelling with a rented car, the rental company won't have a permit for these areas, therefore we suggest to read carefully the information we are providing in this article to avoid fines.

You can access the ZTL area without specific authorization but with the obligation to notify within 48 hours the access, in the following cases:

  • buses for tourist services and for school and educational services with a limited stop for the time strictly necessary for loading and unloading passengers, with possible stop outside the ZTL
  • vehicles of customers staying at accommodation facilities based in the ZTL area (hotels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels), with the possibility of transit and parking in the permitted areas closest to the structure, even in derogation of time limits (parking disc) or upon payment of the parking, provided that a badge issued by the hotelier is clearly visible on the windscreen. The data for the ZTL authorization will be communicated to the Municipal Police directly by the accommodation facility.
  • vehicles serving disabled people with significantly reduced mobility, holders of the special badge pursuant to Presidential Decree 24.07.1996 n. 503
  • vehicles accompanying women resident or domiciled in the ZTL to their home, in the time slot 20.00 - 06.00 provided that communication is sent to the Municipal Police, before or within 48 hours after access, containing the person's personal details accompanied, his residence or domicile, and the identification data of the vehicle

Please note: even if in possession of the ZTL authorization, there is a permanent prohibition of circulation (movement, stopping and parking) to all vehicles in some areas called " Corsie Riservate" (reserved lanes) within the Limited Traffic Zone:

  • Via Emilia Centro, between Vicolo Squallore and Via Torre, in both directions of travel
  • Corso Duomo, in both directions of travel
  • Piazza Roma