Terme della Salvarola

Terme della Salvarola

Salvarola Spa, renowned already in the Roman times provides four kinds of water: salt-bromine-iodic water, sulphur-sodic water, calcic water and sulphur-bicarbonate-magnesic water.

Beside the traditional inhalation therapy, guests can also find a fully-equipped department of mud-balneotherapy, with gynaecologic and hydrophinic treatment. Close to the old spa rises the Terme Salvarola Hotel, with many special offers to combine tourism, relax and wellbeing.

waters containing sodium chloride and sodium iodide, hypertonic waters with a low calcium content (being hypertonic, when applied to the mucosa they established an outward flow sera, cleaning out toxins and inflammatory edema)

sulphureous waters, rich not only in hydrogen sulphide but also in carbon dioxide and sodium bicarbonate (a water highly prized for inhalation therapy)

Near the spa, in a splendid garden, there's Balnea (Center for Health and Psychophysical wellbeing) that offers:

classic wellbeing circuit, courses in the gym and swimming pool, phlebological circuit, swimming courses for children 0-30 months of age, beauty center and psychophysical reactivation department.

For information tel. 0536/987530

Set in the park of Salvarola and surrounded by a very beautiful garden, Balnea Wellness Center boasts of several thermal pools at different water temperatures, underwater massage jets, fountain and waterfall. It provides sulphur-magnesic thermal water (temperature: 32°-37°), which is proper for the cardiovascular locomotor apparatus and skin blemishes together with vascular hydropaths (hot-cold water temperature: 33°-20°). Balnea Wellness Center features also four gyms (cardio-fitness, exercise, oriental techniques and spinbike), steam bath, sauna, yoga and meditation.

Beauty farm

Balnea is also a professional beauty farm that offers several different treatments: massages from the most renowned oriental disciplines such as: oil massages, lymphdrainage, thermo-aromatic, shaping/modelling, anti-stress and physiotherapic massages; single bath hydromassages with thermal water, healing herbs and essential oils; sun showers and other innovative face-body treatments. Guests can try some peculiar treatment such as: winetherapy, sebum-normalizing treatment with the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, or combined treatment with balsamic vinegar, clarified butter, cereal, honey and pumpkin.