Mercato albinelli in modena

Mercato albinelli in modena

Food market in the heart of Modena

Inaugurated in 1931, the Albinelli market is the oldest covered market of the town and is considered to be among the most beautiful in Italy. The market is realized in Art Nouveau style; in the centre is a fountain surmounted by the sculpture of a beautiful woman, the "fruit bearer" made by Giuseppe Graziosi, one of the most appreciated modenese sculptors of the 19th century. During the years, due to his historical and cultural value, the Albinelli market has been carefully restores and since 1990 has been recognized to be a monument of national relevance.

The square where are situated the fruits and vegetables counters is framed by little meat, salami and cheese shops. But we have not to forget the fresh fish, the gallery of bread, the pastries, the little corn shops, the sanwiches in the characteristic bar Schiavoni. Everything is served with the kindness and helpfulness of old days. At the Albinelli market you can still taste the food before choosing, exchanging recepies or advises or a word in modenese dialect.

Getting into the Albinelli market, just a stone's throw from Piazza Grande, means to be wrapped into a magical atmosphere, full of different sensations. Sounds and smells that evoke the past, slow rhythms, lights, colours and genuine flavours. In this place, every day, simple shopping becomes a trip into Modena gastronomic excellence and the best Italian specialities. The Albinelli market embodies the most ancient traditions of the town and preserves the most genuine values of modenese culture and cuisine.

Opening hours

From Mondat to Saturday: 7.00 - 15.00;
Closed: 25 December, 1 and 2 January.

Tickets and admission

Free entrance.