The Enzo Ferrari Museum or the Terramara di Montale Open-Air Archaeological Park and Museum

Walk through the Ducal Gardens to reach the Museo Enzo Ferrari - a mecca for automobile enthusiasts—only a few minutes by foot from the Museo della Figurina. The building that houses the Museum is a futuristic structure with a spectacular and unusual roof in the shape of a giant yellow car hood. Inside, the vast salons display marvelous vintage and contemporary cars, and music and video help make your visit an experience to remember.

Here, for a fee, you can take a souvenir photo of yourself behind the wheel of a Ferrari racing car or climb into a simulator to experience the thrill of piloting a single-seater.

If your family doesn’t happen to include automobile buffs, or if you’re in the mood for something different, from April to October you can visit the Terramara di Montale Open-Air Archaeological Park and Museum a few kilometers from town. The experience is a chance to dive into the past as you tour the reconstruction of a prehistoric village just as it was 3,500 years ago.

Much of the Terramara village has been rebuilt on an embankment and features a moat, a protective rampart, and two homes furnished with glassware and crockery, utensils, weapons, and clothing that show how people here once lived. But that's not all: activities and demonstrations offer opportunities for audience participation, including the production and firing of vases, the manufacture of weapons and tools in bronze, weaving with looms, and keeping the village’s fires lit.