Modena Chamber of Commerce Industry Cottage Industry and Agriculture

Modena Chamber of Commerce Industry Cottage Industry and Agriculture

How to get there
By car: take the Modena Nord exit off the A1 highway. Take the beltway toward Sassuolo (approx. 3 km) and, after the Cognento exit, follow the route to Modena Centro. At the traffic circle near Hotel Raffaello, turn left, and then continue straight on (approx. 3-4 km) along Via Formigina, Viale dell'Autodromo, Strada S. Cataldo, Via Paolucci, Via Monteccucoli, Viale Monte Kosica, and then turn right into via Ganaceto.
By train: from Piazza Dante continue along Via Galvani. At the traffic light turn right into Viale Monte Kosica, and then left into Via Ganaceto.
Services offered

The Chamber of Commerce is an independent, elective, provincial body.
Networked with the entire Italian and Foreign system of chambers of commerce, it is integrated with other national bodies and institutions and cooperates with the entrepreneurial associations.
The Chamber of Commerce manages the facilities and infrastructures on the local, regional and national basis. It participates with Agencies and Consortiums (special Agencies); sets up Special Chamber of Commerce Agencies for specific areas of intervention.

Administrative services

  • Registers:
    1) Registry of companies
    2) REA - economic and administrative registry
    3) REC - registry of business organizations
    4) RIA - registry of car mechanics
  • Ufficio Bilanci ed Elenchi (Office of the Balance and Lists - also available on-line)
  • Ufficio Visure e Certificati (Office of Cadastral Surveys and Certificates)
  • Atti e Certificati per l'Estero (Acts and Certificates for Abroad)
  • Annual dues
  • Authorizations and licenses
  • Claims vs. administrative provisions
  • Professional Registers
    1) Register of Cottage Industries
    2) Register of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish wholesalers
    3) Register of agents, representatives and auctioneers of fruits, vegetables, meats and fish
    4) National register of exporters of fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits
    5) Register of vineyards and DOC wines
    6) National register of olive-oils tasters
    7) National register of insurance agents
    8) National register of companies working in waste disposal
  • Roles
    1) Role of insurance assessors
    2) Role of technicians and experts
    3) Role of business agents and representatives
    4) Role of public assessors and weighers
    5) Role of drivers
    6) Role of business mediators
    7) List of DOC wine, technical tasters and experts

Market regulations

  • Computerised register of claims
  • Board of arbitration
  • Price surveys and publication of price lists
  • Patents, models, benchmarks with license
  • Customs and habits
  • Deposit of price lists and rates
  • List of building works
  • Inspection service
  • Measurement office

Information and support services

  • Statistics
  • Company payments
  • Information on financing and entrepreneurial orientation
  • Hall rental service
  • Documentation centre
  • Cooperative and trust consortiums
  • Training
  • Periodic publications
  • Studies
  • Consortium of typical products
  • Technological window