Villa Casino Riva

Villa Casino Riva




1 room that can seat 250 people plus 6 rooms for 30/50 people each one.


The rooms on the ground floor of the Villa can seat 250 or can hold 300 for buffet receptions or dinners. The villa is used above all for parties, receptions, banquets, ceremonies, gala evenings and fashion shows.


There are telephone booths and units that can be connected to the room. The villa is heated and can be used all year round. The management can obtain furnishings, equipment and systems upon request and also handles the catering service. Accessible for the physically disabled (even the bathrooms). There is a manned parking for 150 cars, an indoor kitchen and support kitchen, 44,000 m2 private park and wood.


The Villa was built in the late 1700's-early 1800's. There is no precise information regarding the origins of this rural complex, which belongs to the Riva family, a rich Florentine family with numerous estates and holdings in the Modena area. A large park surrounds the Villa and there is a wooded area on the outskirts. Between the two there is a lovely lake.