San Biagio nel Carmine Church

San Biagio nel Carmine Church

The ancient church of San Biagio stood in Via Emilia and was demolished in 1768. As a result, the parish was moved to Via del Carmine.

Here there was a church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Monte Carmelo, which, according to a stone plaque inside, was erected in 1319 by the Carmelitani Calzati order and took the name of the church of San Biagio nel Carmine. The church was reconstructed according to a design by the architect Cristoforo Malagola, known as il Galaverna, and embellished with decorations and paintings. Its original structure was nonetheless preserved and surviving from the fourteenth-century church is the southern side along Via Emilia.

The interior, with a single nave and six arches per side housing the side altars, has a deep apse. The choir and the dome contain an important fresco cycle painted by Mattia Preti in the mid 17th century. Of the seventeenth century frescoes by Agostino Mitelli and Angelo Colonna which decorated the vault of the sacristy only the central part remains.

Facing the cloister dating back to the 14th century and situated to one side of the church is a small chapel with gold coffered ceiling and a 14th century fresco by Tomaso da Modena depicting the Nursing Madonna.

Opening hours

From December the 4th, the Church will open from Monday to Saturday: 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm; on Sunday, visits are not allowed because of the Mess and celebrations.