San Domenico Church

San Domenico Church

Located on the site where the Preaching Friars had built their ancient church dedicated to St.Matthew in 1243, this place of worship became the court church when the Este family came to Modena and made the city the capital of its duchy. In 1620 the church was linked to the castle by an overpass. The old building was demolished in 1707-1708 for the current structure you see today.

Ownwership: Arcidiocesi di Modena e Nonantola

The medieval Dominican Church was demolished in 1707/8 following works to complete the Ducal Palace.

The new church was built according to a design by Giuseppe Torri and opened in 1731, before its completion. Elliptic in shape, the interior is covered by a dome, supported by coupled columns which surround the statues of the Evangelists by the Bolognese Giuseppe Maria Mazza. Paintings include the Saint Peter Martyr by Francesco Meuti and the Saint Thomas Aquinas by Cignaroli. The baptistery is home to the 1823 “Christ in the House of Mary and Martha” by Antonio Begarelli.

Opening hours

Currently closed due to the earthquake of 2012.