San Giovanni Battista Church

San Giovanni Battista Church

Located on the western side of Piazza Matteotti, San Giovanni Battista Church was originally dedicated to San Michele. It was reconstructed in the 16th century, when it was restored to its current appearance. The church took its later name from Confraternita di San Giovanni della Buona Morte, officiating here since August 1, 1774. A 1479 terracotta grouping by Modenese artist Guido Mazzoni, called “Lamentation over the dead Christ” stands in the interior. At the moment it is not open to the public.

It was reconstructed in the XVI century and restored to its current appearance in 1723 based on the design of Gerolamo Frigemelica Roberti.

Its rounded shape terminates with a tower at the far end. The church has been officiated since 1st August 1774 by the Confraternity of San Giovanni Battista della Buona Morte, a company that assisted those sentenced to the death penalty. The external door bears a stone plaque commemorating the transfer of the Confraternity to this church, which was then renamed the Church of Saint John the Baptist. The terracotta façade has four Doric pilasters supporting an architrave with a triangular pediment above. The interior has a central plan with an ellipsoidal dome and three altars. The church has taken its name from Confraternita di San Giovanni della Buona Morte which has been officiating since August 1, 1774.

Above the door is the choir with an organ built by Agostino Traeri, while the main altar is home to “The beheading of John the Baptist” by Francesco Vellani.

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