Santa Maria degli Angeli del Paradiso Church

Santa Maria degli Angeli del Paradiso Church

The church, also called Madonna del Paradiso or Paradisino, was based on the design of the architect Giovanni Guerra.

Ownership: Santa Maria degli Angeli del Paradiso Church

The Church was built in 1596 in the vicinity of the Paradiso fountain attributed with having the best water in the city. Assigned, respectively, to the Theatines (1604), the barefooted Carmelites (1638), the Observant Minorites (1808) and the Congregation of the Children of Jesus (1819), this church is located beside the Provvidenza, which in 1844 Duke Francesco IV named responsible for the Institute of the Deaf-Mutes.

The inside has a single nave surmounted by a wooden coffered ceiling dating from the XVII century, decorated and painted by Camillo Gavasseti, Alessandro Bagni and Marco Meloni. In the false transept are two altars in carved, gilded wood, the work of Matteo Cuppini between 1694 and 1698; the right-hand one is home to “Saint Joseph’s Dream” by Michele Desubleo.

Opening hours

The church is open on Wednesday afternoon and on Sunday afternoon from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Holy Mess: on Wednesday and Sunday afternoon from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Visits are not allowed during celebrations.

Tickets and admission

Free entrance.