Nonantola - The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo

Nonantola - The parish church of San Michele Arcangelo

Just a stone’s throw from the Abbey lies the Parish church dedicated to the archangel St Michael. Founded by the Abbot Theodoric somewhere between the years 870 and 887 AD, the building, originally of modest proportions, was destined to house his mortal remains, amongst other functions.

Completely rebuilt between the eleventh and twelfth centuries as a much larger structure, the building was granted the status of Pieve – Parish Church –by Pope Sergio IV in the year 1011.

The tripartite facade, nowadays ornamented by string-course frames and a fine tympanum, features Baroque forms. The most interesting part of the exterior are the apses, the major one and the one on the left date back to the eleventh century. The interior is divided into three naves, the ceiling features sail vaults, with the exception of the presbytery, where the typically Romanesque trusses have been restored and it is possible to admire part of the structure of the ancient basilica with its majestic columns.

Opening hours

Every day from 8.30 am to 7.00 pm. Guided tours are available, upon request.

Tickets and admission

Free entrance.