Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Fiorano castle

Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Fiorano castle

The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Castle, a magnificent example of Baroque architecture, dominates the hill of Fiorano, in the place where the ancient castle stood, near the old town. It is the symbol of the town and a visual reference point for anyone arriving from the surrounding plain.

It was built in 1634 by Duke Francesco I d'Este and designed by Bartolomeo Avanzini, the architect of the Doge’s Palace of Sassuolo, to keep the image of the Virgin with Child, a fifteenth century mural, traditionally believed to have come from the castle entrance portal. Various miraculous events that saved the town of Fiorano from fires, attacks and plagues were attributed to the image, as testified by the numerous votive offerings collected over the centuries.

Opening hours

Every day, 7.30 a.m. to 8 p.m

Tickets and admission

Free entrance.

To know before you go

Access to the image of the Virgin and the collection of votive offerings is only permitted before and after religious services; bookings are necessary at other times.