Day 1

Day 1

Day 1

We begin with Maserati, one of the most fascinating automobile manufacturers in the world and the producer of elegant, Italian-made autos of immense style and luxury. And, of course, we’ll make a stop in the showroom.

If you’d like to spend more time getting to know the cars that bear the famous Maserati Trident logo, a factory tour is another option. For this tour to the heart of the company’s production floor, reservations are also required.

For all the details on either excursion, and to explore booking options, contact us or consult the "Experiences" section of our website.

When you’ve completed your visit to Maserati, continue on foot to the nearby Enzo Ferrari Museum.

First stop: Showroom Maserati

Both modern and avant-garde, the Maserati Showroom exhibits car of a variety of designs as well as an exclusive shop. Reservations are required for a forty-minute guided tour that will introduce you to the history of the Maserati firm and show you the unique details of the supercars on display to visitors.

Showroom Maserati

Second stop: Enzo Ferrari Museum

In a futuristic pavilion of more than 2,500m2—a masterpiece of the brilliant architect, Jan Kaplicky, of the London-based firm Future Systems—makes and models are on display that recount the magical story of Enzo Ferrari’s ninety years of life. Alongside this pavilion is the historic factory of Enzo’s father, now perfectly restored and home to the Ferrari Automobile Museum.

Enzo Ferrari Museum

Third stop: UNESCO World Heritage Site and Good Things to Eat

When you’ve finished your visit, Modena’s historic old town is only a short walk away. Before lunch, you can take in the undisputed beauty of the complex designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997: Piazza Grande, Modena Cathedral, and the Ghirlandina Tower. Lunch is the ideal time to experience the fragrant and lively atmosphere of the historic Albinelli Market, an Art-Nouveau style food market where visitors can buy PDO (protected designation of origin) and PGI (protected geographical indication) products and take a tasty break at one of the Market’s comfortable seating areas.

UNESCO World Heritage Site and Good Things to Eat

Fourth stop: The Stanguellini collection

After lunch, the adventure continues with a very brief walk from the old town to visit another site meant for car aficionados: the Stanguellini Museum of Vintage Autos. Among the thirty or so interesting cars on display, the standouts including Fiat’s first Sport 750 and 1100, the Stanguellini Junior 1100, and the Stanguellini-Guzzi Colibrì.

One example that is sure to impress is the Fiat Type 0 with its “MO 1” license plate, the first car ever to be registered in Modena. Who could fail to find that fascinating?

The Stanguellini collection

Fifth stop: The Umberto Panini Collection

A few kilometers from the center of Modena, nestled in a beautiful countryside setting, is the day’s last stop: The Umberto Panini Collection, located inside the Hombre Dairy Farm, owned by the Panini family.

This unique collection includes Panini’s cars, motorcycles, and military vehicles in addition to an interesting group of antique bicycles. In particular, though, the Umberto Panini Collection houses the most phenomenal models ever to bear the Maserati Trident. In fact, it’s the most complete collection of Maseratis open to the public.

The Umberto Panini Collection