Museo delle macchine da caffe' a Modena (Museum of coffee machines)

Museo delle macchine da caffe' a Modena (Museum of coffee machines)

The Museo delle macchine da caffe Cagliari includes more than 100 examples of espresso coffee machines of great value: from the early steam-power column-shaped coffee machines of the period 1901-1940 to the manual lever or piston-system coffee machine models of the post-war period, up to the first automatic models produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Collection was born from the passion by Giorgio Cavallini from Modena, who has always been engaged in the world of bar espresso coffee machines, and who has skilfully and lovingly collected and restored them in the last decades. Later acquired by Caffè Cagliari, the collection has then been enriched with pieces of great value, representing one of the most important theme collections in the world and celebrating one of the most beloved Italian rituals - the espresso coffee.

All coffee machines are original and some of them perfectly-functioning: real Italian Italian technology and design "treasure" originating from the drawings by some of the most prestigious Italian designers (i.e., Gio Ponti, Luigi Fornaroli, Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari and the Castiglioni brothers), who were able to interpret and adapt their coffee machines on the basis of the social and artistic trends of each historical period.

Caffè Cagliari has decided to share and make this unique collection visible to the largest public possible, through the realization of this museum representing the biggest and more complete exposition of espresso coffee machines of the world.

The museum is part of the company initiative in the building up and spreading of the coffee culture, based on its 100-year experience. Caffè Cagliari was indeed founded in 1909, exactly in the years when the first espresso coffee machines were created.

For this reason, the company has also created and promoted the “Coffee School”, a special coffee training and culture centre devoted to the popular beverage: a really ambitious project aimed to the bartenders, the industry professionals and all the coffee-lovers interested in learning the art of coffee, its preparation techniques and the secrets for tasting it at its best.

Because coffee is a timeless passion, tradition, mind, culture and mastery.

Opening hours

The museum is open on one Saturdays per month 09.30-12.30; guided tours star every 30 minutes. Groups can visit the museum on demand.

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