Acetaia Comunale di Carpi

Acetaia Comunale di Carpi

As far back as the sixteenth century, traditional balsamic vinegar was already being produced by local families; the acetified cooked must was allowed to mature and age in various progressively smaller and smaller wooden barrels, called batteries, placed in attics or lofts to undergo thermal excursions from the summer to the winter.

Each family might possess one or more batteries and it was the custom to pass on the family vinegar works to young brides as a dowry. The Municipal Administration of Carpi, in homage to this traditional product, has located the Municipal Vinegar Works in the attic of the eighteenth-century municipal headquarters of Palazzo Scacchetti.

The vinegar loft houses 3 sets of barrels; the name of each set remember an important figure of Carpi's past: Maria Beatrice, Caterina e Adelaide.

The vinegar loft houses two big barrels (“mother barrels). A variable number of barrels, different in size too, composes the sets. The barrels are made of differente woods (mulberry, durmast, chestnut, ash, locust, and cherry).

Opening hours

The vinegar loft can be visit every second Saturday of the month 10.00 am - 1.00 pm – for additional days reservation is required (only for groups) at 059 649255.