Cavezzo, north of Modena, was first mentioned in writings from 1183 which reveal that the oldest and most important settlement in the area was known as Casare, located where the Motta quarter stands today.

The May 2012 earthquake struck Cavezzo with particular ferocity, and many of its historical buildings and churches were seriously damaged and remain closed. Projects are underway for the complete restauration of the town’s art and architecture.

Why it's worth a trip

Cavezzo is one of the cities of the “Bassa Modenese” in the northern part of Modena Province. This large area of river valleys is bordered by the Secchia and Panaro Rivers and is known for ample fields cultivated with crops tied to Emilia’s culinary traditions.

Sites you won't want to miss

Parish Church di St. Giles (Sant'Egidio Abate)

The Church of St. Giles was built on the site of a 12th-century chapel. The current building dates to the beginning of the 1900s.

Good thing to eat

In addition to products representative of the Modena area, including Modena’s traditional PDO (protected designation of origin) balsamic vinegar, its PGI (protected geographical indication) balsamic vinegar, its PDO Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, varieties of sparkling red lambrusco wine, zampone and cotechino (dishes made from a mixture of ground pork flavored with herbs and spices and stuffed into the hollowed-out trotter or lower-leg of a hog), and such traditional offerings as fresh egg pasta, San Felice Salame also comes from this area. This variety of cured meat is known for its delicious aroma and characteristic sweetness, both of which are the result of the use of selected cuts of pork obtained exclusively from local hog farms. Its intense ruby-red color and soft texture come from red wine—always a lambrusco—added during its preparation. San Felice Salame is produced and packaged exclusively in the towns and villages of Camposanto, Cavezzo, Concordia sulla Secchia, Finale Emilia, Medolla, Mirandola, San Felice sul Panaro, San Possidonio, and San Prospero in Modena Province.


Astronomical Observatory

Outside Cavezzo, in the countryside near Disvetro, the Astronomical Observatory attracts many hundreds of visitors each year, including both the merely curious and serious astronomy buffs. The Observatory’s telescopes and IT tools are available to anyone who wants to scan the heavens and discover their mysteries with the help of docents from the local astronomy group. (Currently closed due to the COVID emergency.)

Delfini Villa

Delfini Villa, a beautiful residence dating to the 1700s, lies a few kilometers from the center of Cavezzo.

By Bike

Like the entire northern part of Modena Province, Cavezzo is crossed by a large number of bike paths. One of these is the Eurovelo 7, also known as the Sun Route, a long bikeway that runs from North Cape, Norway, all the way to Malta. The Sun Route passes through Modena and Mantua as well, giving riders a change to make a welcome stop in Cavezzo to try out the local cuisine and visit the surrounding area. In fact, the bikeway runs along the banks of the Secchia River not far from town.