Circolo ippico I Pioppi

Circolo ippico I Pioppi

The structures:

* A field in outdoor sand 24 mt. for 48 mt.
* A field covered in sabbiadi 20 mt. for 20 mt. (Equipped with various exercise machines).
* A major campaign around which was converted into a walk for beginners and children.
* A small pool where you can spend the hottest hours.
* The team with 4 ponies and 10 horses all have excellent character and used to working with children.
* The club house where you take your meals and where you can read, play games, do homework, draw, watch some videos or follow television programs.

The proposals:

They are addressed to the individual, but especially schoolchildren (who can use these outputs as a school trip) or summer camps or groups of associations.

1. Half day: stable teaching: from 9.30 to 12.00? visit the center with lecture about the breeds of horses, their power, their cloaks, presentation of a horse / pony: the various parts of the body, cleaning tools, and the government of the horse. Practice by children to clean and toelettare the horse. A video about the various equestrian disciplines.

Participation fee for each student: No informed. Telephone Association (059/527498).

2. Full day: from 9.30 to 12.30? lecture on the horse in general: where he lives, what it eats, races and cloaks, the harness and trappings; practical lesson: presentation of a horse / pony, for each group of five children, followed by specialized personnel will be assigned a horse or a pony and will be delivered a cosmetic containing the necessary tools to the government and the cleanliness of the animal. Everyone will try to use, following the explanations, brush, sharp, curries, etc.. and will work to grooming, they will know the various parts of the body of the horse and learn to saddle it. Everyone will try to get on with maximum safety and feel a knight. At the end collaborate in the distribution of hay to horses in the stables.
From 12.30 to 13.45 lunch break (lunch box).
From 14.00 to 16.00: the vaulting equestrian discipline is not yet well known but very nice and fun. The vaulting is to perform gymnastic exercises on the horse caparisoned with a fascia board with handles. The lesson begins with practice games and gymnastic exercises on the horse then pretended that everyone will, after the real horse.