Palanderlini (Pala Anderlini)

Palanderlini (Pala Anderlini)

Volleyball and basketball courts.

Services available:
2,660 m² indoor area

2,660 m² indoor area

9.20-metre ceiling height

911 m² playing surface

A motorised curtain divides the gymnasium into two school gyms.
On the walls:gymnastics wall bars, beam units, gym ladders
Floor:wood parquet
Recessed lighting in ceiling
Grandstand:600 seats, 344 of which in the permanent grandstand and 256 in the retractable seating area
Gym on first floor:330 m² for school PE sessions and floor exercises
Muscle-training gym:60 m²
Changing rooms:5 for students/athletes, 2 for instructors/refs
3 storerooms
Infirmary:1 for first aid, 1 for medical examinations
1 air treatment unit
1 boiler room outside the building
1 ticket office
toilets for spectators
bar area