Tour guides and tour leaders

Tour guides and tour leaders

In Modena you'll find a number of experienced local tour guides and tour leaders that will be able to let you explore the area with a local on your side! Please note that only licenced guides and tour leaders can provide this kind of service in Italy. Licensed guides can be recognized by the badge they have to wear when on duty.

Tour guides (Guide turistiche) can operate "guided tours" to monuments, museums, palaces and historic areas, food & wine productions, teathers and much more.

Tour leaders (Accompagnatori turistici) are not allowed to operate guided tours to monuments and museums but can be very helpful and assist you during your stay in Modena and around, accompanying you, for example in a food tour, support with translations.

If you like hiking in the mountains or in parks you may hire an Hiking guide (called GAE in Italy) that will be a great support and take you safely around.

If you wish to contact and book a guide direcly you can find a directory of licenced tour guides on the official web site of Emilia Romagna region:

Guide turistiche, Accompagnatori turistici, GAE

In Modena you'll also find two local guides associations:



To book a guided tour you can also contact Modena touris office. We can book both private tours and group tours shared with other travellers.

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