Terms of use

Terms of use


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Here you’ll find the conditions of use of our site and information regarding how to contact our editorial staff.

Information for users

VisitModena.it is the official tourist-information site of the City of Modena.

1) Introduction

The contents of this site are managed by the Tourism and Promotion Service of the City of Modena and by Modenatur, operator of the Tourist Services and Information Office of the City of Modena. Modenatur was selected for this role though a public-bidding process in compliance with current law governing travel agencies and tourist-services providers (Modenatur S.c.a.r.l., Partita IVA 02374350367, Modena Provincial Authorization No. 92, issued 12 October 1998, Professional Civil Liability Insurance Policy UNIPOL SAI ASSICURAZIONI No. 1/2296/319/107177501).

VisitModena.it provides information regarding the City of Modena and the surrounding area and facilitates the promotion and marketing of tourist services

2) Editing of Content

The content that appears on this site is collected and processed by the editorial staff of VisitModena.it on the basis of information received from the public and/or from private entities regarding the tourist sites and activities we describe.

Some of the tourist-related content on the VisitModena.it site is provided directly by third parties, and some is taken from publications or other writings whose sources are cited.

3) Reporting Incomplete or Inaccurate Information, Requests for Updates, Suggestions

Limitation of Liability

The City of Modena has the right to modify the contents and operating procedures of the VisitModena.it site at any time and at its own discretion. The goal of VisitModena.it is to provide the public with greater access to updated and accurate tourist information relevant to our service area. The editorial staff monitors and updates published content according to a regular revision schedule and on the basis of reports from representatives of the places and activities described. Despite VisitModena.it’s commitment and the editorial staff’s best efforts to ensure that information on our site is correct and updated, content published on the site may contain inaccuracies. The City of Modena and Modenatur do not guarantee the correctness of content on the VisitModena.it site and are not responsible for inaccuracies in information provided by representatives or vendors of products listed on the site or by the personnel or agents of individual services (e.g., hotels, restaurants, or other suppliers). All errors reported to info@visitmodena.it will be corrected, and technical malfunctions or problems will be resolved, but we cannot guarantee that information and services will be available without interruption, delay, or suspension. Suggestions regarding new content, tourist activities, and improvements to the site are always welcomed with pleasure and interest.

4) Links to Third-Party Sites

Limitation of Liability

VisitModena.it may contain links, provided solely for informational purposes, to external websites not managed by the City Modena or by Modenatur.

Such information or potential services offered by or through such websites is not to be considered to have been approved, sponsored, guaranteed, or monitored by the City of Modena or by Modenatur. The user assumes all responsibility for purchases, reservations, or other interactions with external sites.

5) Links to VisitModena.it

VisitModena.it is a service to the public. The City of Modena allows links to VisitModena.it on both public and for-profit sites. Any such links must comply with the following guidelines.

  • the links must be clearly identified with the title "VisitModena.it, the Official Tourist Information Site of the City of Modena”;
  • framing of any kind of VisitModena.it content is not permitted;
  • without the express permission of the City Modena, you may not express or imply any authorization for or approval of the City of Modena for any third-party product or service;
  • you may not provide false or inaccurate information of any kind regarding the products and services of VisitModena.it;
  • links must not lead to or contain any material that could be considered in bad taste, offensive, or controversial, or which would be unsuitable for viewing by users of any age.

6) Online Reservation of Tourist Services, Activities, and Events

The VisitModena.it site provides access to an external platform on which tours, tourist services, and tickets are sold. This platform is managed by Modenatur, operator of the Tourist Services and Information Office of the City of Modena and coordinator/manager for the sale and/or organization of tourist services. Links to the online reservation service may be found in thematic menus or in descriptions of activities, events, or excursions and can be recognized by a button or link marked “Make a Reservation Online.” Orders, reservations, and purchases of services on the platform are carried out in accordance with the General Conditions of Sales of Tourist Service Packages, and also with specific additional conditions related to the activity or event; these conditions are specified on the reservation form, and the user is required to read and accept them before reserving, ordering, or purchasing any tourist service through this platform. The City of Modena does not act as an intermediary, seller, or organizer of the aforementioned services and cannot be held responsible for malfunctions of the reservation system or for any other issue related to the marketing or use of the services or activities offered for sale through this platform.

7) Publication on the VisitModena.it Site by Private Service Providers

The site hosts information about activities and events, tourist offers, and promotions from some categories of private tourist-services providers (e.g., lodging facilities, restaurants, etc.). If you are a tourist-services provider based in Modena and are interested in being featured on the VisitModena.it site send a mail to info@visitmodena.it to get the Regulation.

8) Privacy Regulations

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