First Floor. The Municipal Historical Archive, the Estense University Library, and the Poletti Library

After a break, ascend the large, elegant staircase that leads to the upper floors. Stop on the next landing to visit the Estense University Library, opened to the public in 1764. Today, the library conserves incunabula and illuminated manuscripts, including a Bible that famously belonged to Duke Borso d’Este.

The next stop is the Poletti Library, which specializes in architecture and the arts and houses a rich collection of books, prints, drawings, and photographs. From there, continue to the Municipal Historical Archive, a place of undisputed charm and an indispensable destination for anyone who wants to get closer to history and the culture of Modena and the surrounding area.

Time will pass so quickly among the Archive’s old books and ancient artifacts that you may not realize lunch time has come. You can sample delicacies of local cuisine in in one of the many traditional restaurants in the old-town center, which also offers a wide range of alternatives for all tastes.