Day 2 - morning

Day 2 - morning

Day 2 - morning

The itinerary continues on Day 2 with a walk through the streets of the historical center. Once you reach Canalgrande, which the nobles of the time considered the official route for promenades, follow it until you arrive at the Church of St. Vincent (San Vincenzo).

From there, continue to the Ducal Gardens and the elegant Palazzina dei Giardini. Built in the 17th century by Este Duke Francesco I as a recreation center for the Este court, today it hosts international exhibitions and programs sponsored by the Modena Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Before completing this third stop, enjoy a lunch fit for a king! You’ll have no difficulty finding a menu in Modena to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Give in to temptation in one of the many restaurants and pubs that serve delicious local specialties. Or you could try them all!

Once you’ve caught your breath, it’s time to make an appearance in the royal court!

We enthusiastically encourage a visit to the Ducal Palace, which is open to the public only on Saturdays and Sundays and exclusively through guided tours that require advance reservations

First stop: San Vincenzo

Inside, you’ll find the Este Funerary Chapel built by Francesco IV in 1836 to house the earthly remains of the Este dukes who, until that point, had been buried in various churches around the city.

San Vincenzo

Second stop: Ducal Gardens

Take a pleasant stroll in the gardens’ greenery in Summer or, if you visit during colder weather, admire the Fall colors of the centuries-old trees and enjoy the tranquility of this well-known city park.

Ducal Gardens

Third stop: Ducal Palace

Once in Piazza Roma, no one can help being struck by the majesty of the Ducal Palace, now home to the Military Academy. The Este court once lived in this elegant and imposing building. The exterior alone is breathtaking, but the interiors are no less amazing for their harmony, their magnificent décor, and the splendor of their frescoes and furnishings.

Ducal Palace