Modena in Fiore - sping edition

Modena in Fiore - sping edition

“Modenainfiore” is one of the most relevant and involving national horticultural event for the very passionate people about green. It is also dedicated to botanist connoisseurs. “Modena in fiore” was born 21 years ago occupying Pomposa Square and Taglio Street at the heart of Modena then ,as the years went by, even more and more widening its varieties of plants and flowers expressions all over the city.

More than 40 italian flower growers every year take place offering their various kind of green beauties, rarities for your gardens, greenhouses, terraces, balcones, vegetable gardens, indoor design coins. The most demanding collectors will find their green choice in our “Modena in Fiore”, they will cultivate and enjoy their beauty and scent.

Let's choose then our rarities, succulent plants, tropical ones, carnivorous plants, bulbs, seeds, medium sized and seasonal mediterranean issues, fruit plants,herbs,aquatic items, evergreens.

You will enjoy by booking free guided tours in secret courtyards and intimate gardens at the heart of Modena, experts will take special courses about botanical together with tips of wisdom on how to grow up your favourite plant or choose for you herbs in our traditional herbal shops which are good for your health! Do not miss this opportunity! Several side events will be dedicaed to the discovering of the best flower shops and interior gardens.

In “Modena in fiore” it will be possible to admire over 100 craftsmen's products and several types of gardening tools, too. Welcome to “Modena in Fiore” Spring 2023.