Aedes Muratoriana

Aedes Muratoriana

In the heart of Modena, in one of the most evocative areas of the city, is the Aedes Muratoriana. It comprises a group of buildings at number 1 Via della Pomposa, in the square of the same name, which is also the site of the church of Santa Maria della Pomposa and the rectory of Lodovico Antonio Muratori (1672-1750) with its garden.

Rebuilt at the start of the eighteenth century by Muratori himself, who was parish priest here from 1716 until his death in 1750, this church has some very interesting works of art, including paintings by Bernardino Cervi and Jean Boulanger, and wonderful altarpieces in scagliola.

Adjacent to the church is the rectory, where Muratori lived from 1716 to 1750 and which now houses the Confraternity of Saint Sebastian, the Deputation of Memories and History for the old provinces of Modena and the Muratori Museum.

The Confraternity of Saint Sebastian, an ancient brotherhood dating back to the sixteenth century, still very active and fully operational, manages and looks after the church.

The Deputation of Memories and History for the old provinces of Modena, set up in 1860, is charged with studying the history of the lands belonging to the ancient Este dukedom from many different aspects, together with folklore, dialect and historic and artistic tradition.In addition to publishing the annual magazine “Atti e Memorie”, a collection of research and contributions presented during the academic year, it organises study conferences and does a great deal of publishing.

The Muratori Museum, which opened in 1931, displays articles that belonged to Muratori the writer, historian, advisor and librarian to the duke, as well as parish priest for the church of Santa Maria della Pomposa.These include hand-written documents and personal items, like his walking stick, inkwell, desk and librarian’s armchair, wall clock and the crucifix given to him by Paolo Segneri, his prie-dieu, baptismal font and a large selection of portraits, painted, drawn and sculpted.

To know before you go

It's open on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m, closed on August.

For information please call +39(0)59/241104 or send them an email.