Museums, archives and libraries

Museums, archives and libraries

Museums in Modena’s Historic Center

At the Palazzo dei Musei

Modena’s Palazzo dei Musei is in the historical center and is home to a number of cultural institutes that include the History Archives, the Luigi Poletti Library of Art, and the Estense Library and Gallery.

The Palazzo dei Musei is ideal for enjoying fascinating moments among illuminated manuscripts, paintings, priceless documents, sculpture, and other unforgettable gems that tell the story of Modena’s roots.

Other Museums in Modena’s City Center

In addition to the many exhibitions hosted at the Palazzo dei Musei, Modena’s historic center is home to a number interesting cultural spaces.

Starting at the Museums of the Cathedral, the last stop on your visit to the UNESCO site, continue on to the home of the ninth-century Bishop, Ludovico Antonio Muratori, which is now a museum; as well as the Museum of the Military Academy of Modena, both of which offer a glimpse into Modena’s history and culture. For the science-minded, the University Museums include institutes dedicated to paleontology, zoology, anatomy, astronomy, and other pursuits; and the buildings of the AGO Project, Modena’s “culture factory,” showplace the conversation between science and humanism. Finish your visit at the Museo della Figurina, a museum dedicated to illustrated and collectible cards, including stickers, postcards and sports cards, advertisements, matchboxes, calendars and more that will appeal to young and old.

Possibilities for every taste and interest: Find out which ones are for you.