Cathedral Museums

Cathedral Museums

The Duomo Museums, situated inside the buffer zone of the Unesco Site in Modena, complete the visit to the Cathedral enabling the visitor to understand more fully the history and events.

The Lapidarium

The original collection of the Lapidarium museum includes finds which came to light as the cathedral was being restored between the end of the 19th. In the collection there are sculptures and there is relief art work from Roman times which was mainly reused as building material to build the Duomo. There are also fragments from the previous medieval cathedrals, finds from the Roman period, ancient inscriptions, both medieval and modern. Of importance in the exhibition are the plutei from the pre-existing High Middle Ages cathedral, the San Geminiano Arch, the noteworthy series of Metope, consisting of eight sculptures depicting monster like creatures (gargoyles) and fantastic beings and carved by a master craftsman working in Wiligelmo’s workshop, as well as one of the lion column bases at the Porta dei Principi, which was later removed and replaced by a copy after being damaged during WWII.

The Treasure of the Cathedral

The museum exhibits an important artistic-liturgical apparatus dating from the Romanesque period to the 19th century, it includes decorative items, sculptures, antique relics, fabrics, paintings and manuscripts, which the Modena community used to embellish the domus Clari Geminiani over the centuries. ). Amongst the oldest works, belonging to the Cathedral’s Treasure, is the precious San Geminiano altarolo (11th-12th century), the Evangelistario built in the scriptorium in Nonantola (late 11th – early 12th century), and characterized by a fine binding in silver and ivory, the Relatio, a text from the 13th century which is a copy of the original from the 12th century (it reports the news of the building of the Duomo) and the Stauroteca with a gold mounting from the 11th century, probably originating from Constantinople. Special mention must be made of the two large Flemish tapestries with Tales of the Genesis, part of an exceptional cycle made of twenty pieces produced in the 16th century and used, until the end of the 60’s, to embellish the cathedral.

Cathedral and Ghirlandina: events and protagonists

The new visit itinerary created in 2023 on the second floor allows visitors to discover in interactive and engaging ways the main phases of the history of the monumental complex recognized by UNESCO in 1997 and to appreciate those unique characteristics that motivated the inclusion of the Cathedral, the Ghirlandina Tower and Piazza Grande on the List of World Heritage Sites.

Opening hours

From Tuesday to Friday: 10 am – 2 pm / 3 – 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 2 pm / 3 – 7 pm

The ticket office closes half an hour before the closing time.

Tickets and admission

Full fee: € 6,00

Reduced: € 4,00

  • Students until 25 years old
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  • Priests
  • Reduced schools: € 2.00

Free admission

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  • Members of AMEI
  • Official tourist guides, interpreters and photojournalists in the exercise of their professional activities