Archaeological museum of Castelfranco Emilia

Archaeological museum of Castelfranco Emilia

The museum collects ceramic manufactures of the Bronze age ( XVII to XII century b.C.) and finds of the Iron age (IX to IV century b.C.), including an important deposit of ferrous copper bars used as a medium of exchange before the use of currency.

In a big pannel visitors can study the subdivision in centuries of the lands assigned to farmers in the Roman age. The museum keeps also several roman finds, like the ruin of the Decurione stone and funerary equipments coming from a I century a.C. necropolis.
In the medieval section visitors can find many ceramic artefacts, buckles and knights from Borgo Franco, an ancient garrison founded by the City of Bologna on a strategic road system.

Opening hours

In view of the extraordinary situation caused by the virus emergency, the new timetables and the arrangements for visits should be consulted on the website.