Museum of the Venus and of elephant

Museum of the Venus and of elephant

In the fall of 1980, on the shore of the Panaro river, in a place called Bocchirolo north-east to Savignano, Ezio Gamberini discovered an incomplete skeleton of an elephant.Now the archeological found is kept in the Civic Center of the town.

This permanent exhibition displays not only this important paleontological finding, but also some exhibits illustrating the history of the city territory through its main archaeological findings. Particular emphasis is placed on the important Neolithic settlement discovered in 1981 and a series of display cases show minerals and fossils received through donations or findings throughout the city territory.

Savignano Venus
A section of the Museum is dedicated to a copy of the renown Venere di Savignano (Savignano Venus). It is a female figure in a yellow/green serpentine hard stone, a Goddess with which propitiate his/her own existence as well the one of the community. The statuette was discovered in 1925 by Mr. Olindo Zambelli in a place called "Pra Martin" near Savignano digging at 1,50 meters of depth in Pleistocene grounds during works outside of a stable. Professor Giuseppe Graziosi managed to give it to the Pigorini Museum in Rome where it is still kept.