Historic buildings and castles

Historic buildings and castles

The extraordinary cultural heritage of Modena and its surroundings is told through a kaleidoscope of museums, historical sites, galleries, and events, each one with its own inimitable personality and each one an invaluable part of the mosaic of artistic treasures in the Modena area. Choose the buildings and residences that interest you most, and we’ll help you organize the perfect itinerary.

Palaces in Modena’s City Center

Strolling the streets of Modena’s city center, you can’t miss the many exquisite historic buildings along the way, symbols of Modena’s grand past. These buildings are the custodians of Modena’s historic and cultural identity, and today, as before, they stand proudly on piazzas and along the streets, showing themselves off before the visitor’s spellbound gaze. Imposing, regal, and lavish, these enchanting destinations take you back to the magical ambiences of once-upon-a-time.

Nearby Modena

The Province of Modena is home to an extraordinary number of castles, forts, and buildings built for strategic advantage in far-off epochs. Let yourself be captivated by a magical trip through time.

Fortress and Castles in Appennine
Discover the Castles

In ​​Mirandola, Finale Emilia and San Felice sul Panaro, there are ancient castles that were unfortunately heavily damaged by the 2012 earthquake and are currently not open to visitors. They are located in an area North of Modena called the "bassa modenese" (lowlands)